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BLUE CHIPS TRAVEL AND TOURS is a travel agency company established and organized by a family who loves to go out for adventure and see the different parts of the world. It was founded in November 10, 2011, BLUE CHIPS TRAVEL AND TOURS is a company that provides a quality oriented service by assisting its customers with their travel plans. It started as a single proprietorship. After two years of operation, the company was accepted as a regular member of the prestigious PHILIPPINE TRAVEL AGENCIES ASSOCIATION (PTAA). On 2015, the company was incorporated and was named – BLUE CHIPS TRAVEL AND TOURS GLOBAL, INC



Address: 26-B Union Civica St. Galas, Quezon City
Cellphone No.: (+63) 9176250610
Telephone No.: (+63 2)-8067277 / 02 7142693
Email Address: zenon@bluechipstravelandtours.com

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